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doula support
Reciprocate’s philosophy for birth is rooted in building conscious connections to
healing ourselves, our families transgenerationally, and our communities.
This is a loving and creative, entirely personalized co-creation for your ideal preconception, gestation, labor, and postpartum.

The care given by Catalina specifically reflects her multicultural lineage, oral history, and study.
A large part of the practice honors her ancestral Latin American traditions and is centered around making space for multicultural families.

*currently not on call for births, available for in-person visits in belgium and virtual consultations*

Preconception offerings:

education and advocacy   

  • fertility awareness tracking
  • yoni steaming
  • aligning cycles with moon
  • family planning
  • overcoming limiting beliefs

creative practice

  • building a relationship to your womb space
  • supporting the body’s healing through color
  • art therapy
  • reiki
  • manifestation
  • breathwork
  • restorative yoga

  • cacao ceremony
  • herbs and foods for fertility
  • cannabis for menstrual health and conception

Prenatal offerings:

education and advocacy   

  • navigating an intuitive pregnancy
  • deconstructing a fear-based pregnancy
  • child birth education
  • prenatal yoga
  • natural methods for pain reduction
  • labor comfort measures
  • birthing resources and understanding practices
  • elimination communication
  • sleep schedule
  • birthing essentials
  • babywearing and cloth diapering

 creative practice

  • art therapy
  • reiki
  • rebozo
  • meditative birth plan
  • birthing journal
  • breathwork
  • caring for your placenta
  • making space for multiculturalism

  • ancestral recipes and food to prepare for birthing
  • herbs for prenatal care
  • cannabis for nourishment

Postpartum offerings:
Postpartum includes the immediate post birth to up to 2 years

education and advocacy   

  • supporting your first 40 days: cuarentena 
  • creating nursing or elimination stations
  • observation-based child development methods
  • lactation support
  • infant massage
creative practice

  • rebozo
  • placenta encapsulation or ceremony
  • reiki for mother and baby
  • placenta art
  • guided meditation
  • postpartum yoga

  • cannabis for healing
  • closing ceremony: cerrada
  • meal preparation
  • belly binding: fajada
  • herbal steams and baths

Doula packages