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sacred surprise

                                                                                  I hear you as you share where you’re at right now

Coping. Worrying. Grieving.

Scared. Sick. Angry.

I’m there with you too. We’re overwhelmed with challenges right now. Everywhere.

I’m here to share with you what helps me. With hope that it aligns with you too.

I like to divide the challenging things I experience in terms of what I actually can control vs what I can’t

Let’s start with what I/we can control.

Normally, things like our feelings. Our actions. Our intake. The key here I’ve found is to allow ourselves to feel and to act. Naturally. Honestly.

Give yourself allowances. Based on what you need.

For me, right now:

Allow myself to feel everything I need at this time.

Allow myself to carve time for things that don’t feel necessarily important right now but will fill me with joy.

Allow myself to feel distracted if I need it.

Allow myself to establish boundaries.

And that’s the other part of allowances. Creating spiritual, emotional, and physical boundaries for yourself. So that the allowances are helpful and healthy for you.

Right now, for me, boundaries will look like:

Not looking up constant election updates or global COVID numbers.

Making time to meditate and pray even if the day feels full.

The key here is allowing yourself to set boundaries even if they make you feel a little guilty for doing something for you.

Remember, in order for us to feel whole we have to be full of things that give us life. And that looks different for every person.

And for the things that we can’t control, I have a little story from the poet Rumi:

“The Prophet said “fools will occupy most of paradise.”

Your cleverness is what creates dust storms of pride.

Be willing to be fooled and you’ll find real peace.

If bewilderment can drive reason’s babble from your head,

Then every hair has a chance to become wise.”

I like to think of the things that I can’t control in this way.

Perhaps I’m being invited to notice something else and there’s a surprise entering my life. Something that I don’t expect. From the universe, God, goodness.

Sometimes we think we’re heading toward something specific but then something else comes our way that’s new and even better than what we thought we’d experience. Or we’re suddenly interested in something else and those doors are open.

I’m offering the idea that you allow yourself the room for surprise. For goodness. For an outcome better than you imagine. Joy. Happiness. Delight. And that you create a boundary right now for the things that you don’t want to enter your life (and you can control).

This helps give me peace thinking that even if things feel really tough, there’s always this sacred surprise that can present itself to me (in a better way than any of my worries.)

Now let's meditate on this together

Close your eyes

Center in your heart

Breathe in the word sacred

Breathe out the word surprise

Find balance and rhythm in these words and in your breath

           Can you allow your breath to expand your lungs and allow yourself the room for surprise?

Continue breathing in the rhythm you found

Sitting with sacred surprise within you

Breathe exactly what you to allow in

Breathe out that it has been received and offered out

Open your eyes and when you’re ready, these questions are here for you.

What are 3 things that you will allow yourself to do?

Finish the sentence:

I allow myself to

I allow myself to

I allow myself to

What are 3 boundaries that you will set for yourself?

Boundary 1:

Boundary 2:

Boundary 3:

What are surprises that you wish to see?

What would bring you joy right now?

As you parallel the words

sacred    surprise

What do these words bring up for you?

Do these words resonate with you?