Reiki-Infused Eye Pillow

Collaboration between Ceremonie and Reciprocate

One-of-a-kind eye pillows upcycled from 50-year-old handwoven pure hemp kilim rugs.

All hemp kilims are individually collected throughout the Anatolian plateau, washed and dried on the mountains to ensure the highest quality. The process and materials used embrace slow design that pay homage to method, texture, history and artisanship.

Place the pillow on your eyes and escape completely for a deep moment of relaxation. It’s filled with lavender and chamomile which ease your nervous system for deep relaxation.

Each cushion has been reiki-infused to support your self-healing, restorative sleep, and body to release toxins. Additionally, each purchase comes with a Reiki journal.

Together, we hope, offering you moments of care and calm.

The front is 100% hemp and the back is 100% cotton

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