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manifesting desire

I want to share a conversation I had with my nephew Bilal on Tuesday.

Little did he know then, it would serve as reflection for me.

And now, hopefully, for you too.

Bilal: “Today I made the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen. Why can’t I draw?”

Catalina: “Can I see it?"

I loved it. And as we were talking about how he can draw, I asked him:

Catalina: What exactly does the boy want?”

Bilal: "Actually it depends. Maybe I want this. But maybe you or my friend want something else. All I know is that we all want something. And that’s the most wonderful thing in the world for us."

The conversation took place in French, like this:

«Aujourd'hui, j'ai créé la chose la plus moche que tu as jamais vue. Pourquoi ne puis-je pas bien dessiner?»

«Puis je le voir?»

«Qu'est-ce le garçon veut exactement?»

«En fait ça dépend. Peut-être que je veux ça. Mais peut-être que tu veux ou mon ami veut autre chose. Tout ce que je sais, c'est que on veut tous quelque chose. Et c'est la chose la plus merveilleuse du monde pour nous.»

I sat with that.

His idea of us all wanting something, and wishing for it, is totally aligned with what tonight's full moon in Aries invites us to do. 

The full moon is an energetic time to let go

of what hinders us from moving forward.

And in that, we’re all being collectively invited

to create and manifest what we want right now

(so that we can move forward.)

This is our individual

M A N I F E S T A T I O N     D E S I R E

thinking about what around us we have manifested

and what we want to experience that we have not yet

I invite you to meditate on your manifestation desire.

Close your eyes

Center in your heart

Breathe in the word manifestation

Breathe out the word desire

Find balance and rhythm in these words and in your breath

           Can you allow your breath to expand your lungs and bring in the compassion of the moon?

Allow your breath to warm your heart

Allow yourself to desire without judgement

Allow yourself to envision all you want to see around you

Allow yourself to take up as much time and space as you need

Continue breathing in the rhythm you found

Sitting with manifestation desire within you

Name exactly what you want to manifest. Your desires. 

Breathe exactly what you want in

Breathe out that it has been received and offered out

Open your eyes and when you’re ready, these questions are here for you.

What did you just name as your manifestation desire?

What does it look like and feel like to have it?

In this moment of thinking about what we want to manifest, there's also the opportunity to experience and express gratitude.

Especially for what we have wanted in the past and have received.

What around you are you grateful for receiving? What around you have you manifested?

At the same time too, let yourself manifest what you want.

A lot of times we think something we want is beyond our reach. Are you letting yourself dream when you manifest? Or do you stop yourself from truly asking for what you want?

As you parallel the words

manifestation    desire

what do these words bring up for you?

do these words resonate with you?

let’s use this space to bring it inward.

notice what it means in this moment.

how you can continue to find and celebrate your manifestation and desire?

I’m accompanying you as we navigate these questions and the emotions that come up as we do.