welcome to our space,
a ceremonie for you to feel reciprocated in love

we invite you to find a comfortable seat with your Zafu,
ideally in a sunny, calming spot,
where you can see, hear, or smell elements of nature

once comfortable, we’ll begin with sharing gratitude in our bodies.
physically, for your health and wellness allowing you to be. for the artisans and their artisanship in Anatolia that have allowed us to complete this experience with their craft. for the farmers that have organically grown the hemp, cotton and flowers and the mountains that have helped dry them. 

energetically, for the power of reiki to bring us together, to complement our self-healing, and to release what no longer serves us. for you, supporting tradition, supporting slow living, supporting yourself, and supporting us. 

spiritually, for the love that is binding us to this experience. for your higher self that will be activated and celebrated through the use of the Zafu and meditation.

for your intention and anything else that you’d like to express gratitude for.

we are grateful for you,
now and moving forward

once you have expressed gratitude in your body, 
we invite you to feel it.
feel how expressing gratitude can bring us closer to feeling love.
the love that emanates from the universe.
the love that flows from our hearts and protects us on Earth,
and allows our highest good to come to us.

now, allow the power of reiki infused in your cushion underneath you to work its way up your body,
begin by wiggling your toes, or bringing sensation and awareness to them in any way that aligns with your comfort.
move upward in your body until you reach the crown of your head. with each movement, recognizing that reiki is with you as you feel gratitude and move toward your optimal health.

reiki inspires creation to continue moving, and is motivated by the power of love. 

now let’s meditate with reiki to surrender our mind to our heart and accept what creation gives us. 

continue sitting in a pose where your cushion is underneath you,
perhaps your legs are crossed or your feet are touching the ground.
the important part is that your spine is straight.

bring your hands together about 8 centimeters or 3 inches in front of the heart center.
the base of your palms, the sides of your thumbs and the tips of your little fingers all touch.
the rest of your fingers spread out to form the petals of the lotus flower.
this is called Lotus Mudra.

bring your gaze to the tips of your thumbs and begin breathing long, slow, and deep.
as you exhale, feel your breath touch your thumbs.
by continuing this for 11 minutes, you will surrender your mind and feel what creation has to give you, right now.

once you have reached the end, inhale deeply, suspend the breath, and squeeze all your muscles for ten seconds.
exhale and repeat the closing sequence two more times. 

how does your heart feel right now after these meditations?
how is creation speaking to you?
how do you feel love in and around you?
how can reiki continue to support you as you navigate love and creation?

your cushion is infinitely supplied with reiki.
this means, you can access this whenever you need.
harness its power,
knowing that it will intimately and honestly guide you. 

we are grateful for you

here is a pdf version of your complementary pocket journal

here is an audio version of this page, including 11 minutes of reiki music