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celebrating us, celebrating women

Happy Women's History Month!

Who are some female creators past, present, and potentially future that you'd like to highlight? or things that you're up to that you'd like to talk about?

As you think about the women you appreciate and love,

I invite you to close your eyes and breathe in through your nose

and breathe out expanding your stomach as if to allow all these women inside

And as you expand, massage your stomach gently,

as an act of love and care for yourself and them

offering them protection, love, and safety in their communities

physically, spiritually, and energetically

And when you feel ready,

I encourage you to breathe in your heart

placing your left hand over your right

and pressing gently on your heart

releasing how you're feeling, positive and negative

any impression

any concern

allowing your whole body to breathe and feel supported

reciprocated by the women that you just cared for

knowing that they support you like you support them

And allow yourself to release your thoughts

or anything weighing you down

know that

you are loved

you are supported

and your breath is guiding you to the love and support that you deserve