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Hosted by Highlites:
    Somatic Journaling and Reiki, January - March 2021
    Color Magic and Reiki Therapy, March - June 2021
    Creative practices for Healing, June - July 2021
Honoring our Divine Feminine: Womb Healing through Latin Dance
Embodied Healing Circle Under the Full Moon
Reflecting on our 2020: Community Reiki and Guided Journaling
Full Moon Manifesting: Restorative Meditation and Medicine Making Workshop, collaborative with Ceren Tosun
Community Reiki Healing Circle, donation for Leabanese Red Cross & Beit El Baraka
Moving and Unpacking: an intentional collective space for Black, Indigenous, People of Color to meditate through movement and guided journaling, collaborative with Abundantly Blooming
Release and Refresh: Plant-based dessert making and tea journaling for grounding the root chakra, collaborative
Hosted by Inner Play:
    From Stressed to Stable using Qi Gong
    Move with Color, Green
    Move with Color, Purple
Highlighting our beauty: expressive art workshop, collaborative with Rianne Bouter, donation for Black Lives Matter
Transforming a Heavy Heart into a Joyful One, collaborative
Medical Astrology 101: Moon as the Divine Feminine, collaborative with Daniela Rupert, donation to Movement for Black Lives
Overflow Series, collaborative with Luisa Ancona
    Restorative Yoga and Reiki for Minnesota Freedom Fund
    Overflow: Restorative Yoga and Reiki
    Overflowing Love: Restorative Yoga and Reiki


Jelynne, Embodied Business Mentorship
Nika Lopez Yoga, Embodied Business Mentorship
AKXX, Embodied Business Mentorship
Ceremonie, Collaborative product