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accessing your flexible strength

                                            Let the purple sky carry you to your inner power and dreams.

                                                                                    I’m happy to find you here.

                                                                                                                            In any and every shape you’re in, reflecting and processing.

I’ve been making sense of what it means, for me, to have a physical body so far from many of my closest communities. And understanding what’s needed of me. Both for myself and for others. Here and There. Because, What does meaningful contribution mean at this time? How can we fill up our cups?

As I’m living these questions, I’m being reminded of my flexible strength. And I wanted to bring you in. To share and to experience together.

Flexible Strength. The part of us that

moves past regret to encourage our mobility, our hope

hears our feelings and encourages us to express them

assures us that we can thrive in face of the odds

honors our individual sacredness

I invite you to meditate on your flexible strength.

Close your eyes

Center in your heart

Breathe in the word flexible

Breathe out the word strength

Find balance and rhythm in these words

           Can you allow your breath to bring out the best in all the strengths that you bring to life?

Bring in your heart some of the people you know

          How do they express this strength in the ways they uniquely approach life’s challenges?

Now bring in your heart people that you don’t know

         Offer your hope to them. That they are given the means to access and honor their strength in ways that are healthy and equitable for them.

With all these people in your heart, breathe deeply

Continue breathing in the rhythm you found

Sharing the flexible strength within you

Then set an intention. Maybe it’s for protection. Or more strength. Or peace.

Breathe the intention in

Breathe out that it has been received and offered out

Open your eyes and when you’re ready, these questions are here for you.

Maybe just now your breath brought out the best in all your strengths. Now carry them to your consciousness: What are the strengths that you bring to this life? What makes you feel most like you?

And when you brought others in, both those you do and don’t know. When thinking about their uniqueness, how they overcome life’s challenges, you subconsciously bring in hope for ourselves and our bodies. Where are you finding hope these days? What does it look like? How do you access it?

As you parallel the words

strength       hope

What does that bring up for you? do you associate these words with yourself? or do you think beyond you? let’s use this space to bring it inward. notice what it means in this moment. how you can continue to find and celebrate your strength and hope?